Chess and How to Bet on it

Playing games has always been an activity loved by many. People invented many games in order to have fun. There are party games, board games, strategy games, and many others. The invention of computers, mobile phones and tablets have brought many new and interesting games. These games have excellent graphics and amazing sound system which makes them addictive. The Internet […]

Are chess players better gamblers

Full disclosure, I always believed chess made people smarter, and more oriented towards strategy in real life. I tried applying chess principles in betting as well. I would play half a dozen games, with friends and online, work on some puzzles, and before I knew it, I would use a Unibet bonus code to get the most of my playing […]

Chess and Gambling

Chess has been a gambling game since it was invented. There is evidence that ancient chess used to be played with dice determining which piece should be moved. There is still a variant of chess which uses dice, for those who want to spice up the game. There are many ways you can make a game of chess more exciting […]

Poker vs Chess – Which Game Is Better for Your Brain?

It may seem at first glance that poker and chess have nothing to do with each other, but people who are familiar with both games would agree that there are more similarities than differences. For novice players, poker may be just a game of chance, such as slot machines which you can try online using free spins at Top UK […]

The Most Famous Chess Games in History

Chess lovers who want to hone their skills and techniques are certainly interested in watching others play and studying the strategy of professional players. Many memorable games have been played by chess legends, but some of them stand out as being the best and most spectacular chess games of all time. ADOLPH ANDERSSEN vs LIONEL KIESERITZKY (1851) Due to its brilliance, […]

Chess Tournaments – What You Need to Know

You’re not really a professional chess player until you play in a tournament. Many players who are new to tournament play feel a bit scared at first, maybe because they are not familiar with the format, the rules and the requirements, but really they have nothing to worry about. Once you get to this stage, you’ll see that it’s nothing […]